My Work

I love the human form and its peculiarities

I work mostly in acrylics, oils, and assemblage, but I always go back to the brokenness and frailty of the body. I love using mixed media materials, such as static sheets, pig intestine lining, velum, and tape. The layers embedded tell of a story behind each piece. There is a melancholic feel to most of my work, but I create as I search for the hope within that darkness.

I have come to experience the healing nature of art making and have used the creative process as a means to work through past trauma, grief, loss, and the simple yet complex realities of our human condition. I also gravitate towards the theme of dualities. I grapple with the truth that we carry many identities within us. Some are life giving and restorative while others lead to death and destruction. Can we possess traits of wickedness, while at the same time hold within ourselves a potential for great holiness and perhaps even sainthood?

What ultimately drives my work is the hope that I have found in God’s redemptive work within and around me. It took me years to understand that you do not have to allow your past trauma and mistakes to define you. I now live by the truth that I cannot do the work that is necessary, but God is the restorer, provider, and healer of all good things.